Kevin Kelloway is a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Occupational Health Psychology at Saint Mary's University, Halifax.  He is a prolific researcher, an experienced consultant, and a popular speaker.





What clients are saying:

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Valerie Wadman HR Officer

When it comes to getting people to buy into a message, no one is better than Kevin.  He has the rare gift of being able to present in a manner that reaches out to everyone, from the front line worker to the CEO.  He leaves us inspired that we can do better, that we can make a difference, and then provides us with practical advice so we can easily take steps to make that difference.  I’ve heard Kevin speak at many events, and no matter where,  when Kevin is speaking, the room is sold out.  Everyone leaves with a smile on their face, a spring in their step, and the knowledge that they have learned something new.   One of the main differences in Kevin’s talks, compared to other speakers on similar topics, is that his talks are all based on research, not common theory or opinion.  Not only entertaining, but trustworthy, as well!

Denise Turnbull, Director of Operations

I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with Kevin to implement the RIGHT leadership model in our organization.  This model clearly provides a framework of the elements necessary to support a psychologically healthy workplace.  Kevin’s professionalism, calm demeanor, passion and knowledge of the research was highly respected and warmly embraced.  Kevin has a wonderful way of presenting research in a way that makes it meaningful and relatable to all involved.  His pursuit to improve safety, in all aspects, is contagious and highly engaging! Kevin’s leadership is commendable. 


Flo Landry Wee Care Developmental Centre
  On a beautiful Saturday morning at a conference entitled "Living & Loving Life The Special Needs Way" I was excited to sit in on the opening workshop , If you put kids first..they won't be: Psychological Fitness for ECEs, presenter Dr. Kevin Kelloway.
    First and foremost I was in tears laughing after the five minute introduction of videos in the workplace showing people under a great deal of stress and their reactions.  I knew I was in the right workshop and ready to learn.   I was relating as were most of the  participants in the room as laughter erupted.  Dr. Kelloway was just what a group of Early Childhood Educators were ready for with his wit and wisdom on workplace stress and developing psychologically healthy workplaces and occupational safety.  Dr. Kelloway presented research and solutions, he  gave us much to think about and many strategies to take back to our Early Childhood environments.  This topic was new for some, revived for others and with Dr. Kelloway presenting the information it was applicable and meaningful.


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